11 Benefits of Hiring an Air Charter Service

by | Feb 13, 2019 | Lifestyle

Imagine the following scenario.

You are the owner of a young startup and your team needs to meet a potential client for a possible lucrative partnership in three hours. You are practicing your script in your mind while in a long queue to check in at an airport. Suddenly, your thoughts are interrupted as an announcement is made: your flight has been canceled. As you are given instructions to transfer to the next flight, you turn pale. You know just how much opportunity is about to be thrown away, and your heart breaks.

Canceled flights are just one of the many misadventures we are forced to endure in commercial flights. And with increasing numbers of travelers crowded into airports with limited facilities, commercial flights are fast becoming unbearable. That is why many people are starting to look elsewhere for alternatives. Luckily, we do have them: air charter services. Air charter services are offered by companies to those who want to fly in a private aircraft.

There are many advantages to availing of private air charters as opposed to flying with the airlines. Below are just a few of the many benefits worth considering.

1. Chartering allows you to customize your itinerary.

Chartering an aircraft allows you to work with a company that can create an itinerary based on your specific needs. While there will still be some rules to follow, your freedom to choose how you want your trip to happen is a priority.

2. Chartering allows you to take advantage of thousands of private airports.

For various reasons ranging from the size of their aircraft to the marketability of a destination, commercial airlines only operate in a limited number of airports. Because of this, you will not be able to fly to a lot of places using a commercial plane. This is where private charters come in. When you hire a private aircraft, the number of airports, private or public, large or small, available for you to use multiplies. Suddenly, no place is too far to reach in too little time.

3. Chartering allows you to set your own schedule.

It’s a common scenario in most public airports. You’ve been waiting for your flight to arrive for hours only to hear that your flight has been delayed because the aircraft is arriving late. Air chartering services allow you to set your own schedule for departure. This means that you don’t have to wait long hours inside the airport. You can simply come a few minutes before departure.

And, because you determine your schedule, it is extremely rare for air charter flights to be delayed. Unlike flying via commercial flights, which are replete with many factors that could lead to delays, flying via a private plane is fast and convenient.

4. Chartering lets you travel with more comfort.

A commercial flight often carries with it a colorful crowd of distressed infants with their overwrought parents, boisterous backpackers, and even the occasional drunk passenger. Flying privately means not having to deal with all that. If you choose to, you can hold a meeting, work, or even sleep on the plane with nothing to disrupt you. While your experience of comfort depends on the price and kind of air chartering service you hire, most private flights offer luxuries that you won’t experience in traditional commercial flights. 

5. Chartering avoids typical airport problems.

Stress is present in almost all phases of flying in a traditional airplane. Most airlines require passengers to arrive at the airport several hours in advance just to check in. After checking in, passengers will then have to wait for their flight, which can be delayed, or worse, canceled, even at the last minute. On board the aircraft, discomfort can appear in the form of unruly passengers.

Then, upon arrival — guess what — you can lose your luggage! All of these typical airport problems are avoided when you charter a private jet. You don’t have to arrive hours before your flight. You won’t have to fall in line or walk towards your plane to board because ground transportation will bring you directly to your plane. You will only fly with people you want to be with. And your luggage will be safe because it always travels with you.

6. Chartering is easy.

Chartering a plane is no longer a mystery. There are countless air charter operators who are willing to provide their services. A simple Google search will lead you to the right air charter service company in just a few minutes.

7. Chartering lets you customize the cuisine.

Even the most luxurious commercial flights can’t offer the kind of food customization you get when you charter a plane. Are you craving for that haute cuisine with champagne? Do you badly need some kung pao chicken and lo mein? No problem. When you fly privately, the menu is completely up to you— down to the brand of your tea!

8. Chartering lets you land closer to your destination.

Chartering a plane lets you choose departure and arrival terminals that are closest to your location and destination. This means that you do not have to waste your time dealing with long rides and road traffic, enabling you to spend more time enjoying what awaits you at your destination.

9. Chartering avoids the lengthy layovers.

When you are flying privately, you don’t have to sleep at the airport or kill hours between flights. If that’s not enough, you should also know that when you fly privately, you won’t miss the flight. If ever you’ll be late, the chartered plane will be waiting for you.

10. Chartering allows you to fly with only those you choose to – your team, friends, or family.

It is unavoidable. In a commercial flight, you will be crammed inside the plane with total strangers.  Not so when you hire a charter service. The only people inside the plane will the pilot, and your family, or your friends, or your team.

Flying privately allows you to be yourself. You can talk to your son about his grades without fear of a stranger overhearing your conversation.  You can discuss marketing strategies with your team knowing your competitor is nowhere near you. The plane will be just for you and the people you care about, at least for this flight.

11. Chartering lets you enjoy private lounges and terminals.

Luxurious quiet lounges where you can relax while waiting for friends, family, or business associates to arrivethis is another reason why hiring a chartered plane is a better way to fly. When the plane is ready, just ask your chauffeur to give you a lift directly to the tarmac. Life is good.

This list is but a glimpse into the many benefits that come with chartering a private aircraft.

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